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Fabletics Makes the Workout Process Fun Again

Fabletics is a very interesting company that has managed to captivate many people that are interested in a line of athletic clothing for women. There are definitely a lot of people that are going to be impressed with what Fabletics brings to the table. This is an interesting company that has managed to create a diverse line of clothing for a wide range of individuals. People that are impressed with the clothing that is presented by Fabletics need look no further than the website to sign up for VIP membership.


This is where many people have taken to this brand and developed a liking for the clothes that make working out much more pleasurable. Kate Hudson is someone that is actually wearing the clothes that she id promoting so she knows better than anyone just how comfortable these garments are.


Consumers that are looking for activewear will be impressed with the line that Kate Hudson had a hand in developing. There are also swimsuits and halter tops that are here to give women the ultimate comfort when they are working out. Kate Hudson has also helped with bringing sports bras that turn into swimsuit tops to her consumer base as well. She has continued to work on providing comfort at a low cost when it comes to her line of athletic clothing.


She is definitely giving consumers a lot to think about when it comes to building a better brand. People are definitely singing her praises now that she has become the leader for Fabletics.


This is definitely one of the most exciting brands around. People are talking about Kate Hudson all of the changes that she has made an outlet clothing for women. She has brought in athleisurewear, and this has become the thing that has made her a star in her own right in the clothing industry. This is comfortable athletic clothing that people can also run their errands in. Hudson may not be the first to introduce this brand to the public, but she has definitely gained maximum exposure for her ability to promote this type of clothing. People are lining up and praising her for the work there she is doing when it comes to athletic clothing that makes it so much easier to work out. People that may not have been having fun with working out before are certainly having a good time exercising now.

Will Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Be Able to Catch Amazon?

Amazon leads the way in sales numbers in a number of very popular markets. As far as sales in the online apparel niche, Amazon is comfortably taking in over 20 percent of all the sales, while the other thousand retailers fight over the rest. It appears that one company is no longer satisfied with just fighting for those scraps, as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has jumped to the forefront with record sales of $250 million in the same niche. Amazon may have enjoyed that giant lead for a long time, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is poised to close that gap significantly.


To hear Hudson discuss how her athleisure brand has become so popular, she only credits the entire success to reverse showrooming and membership perks. Let’s take a look at how these two processes actually work in real-time. We stop by the Fabletics store in the mall and see women of every age trying on everything from leggings, tank tops, to yoga pants without any pressure from associates to buy. These same customers may be window-shopping on their breaks, or they could be simply taking the Lifestyle Quiz to unlock more membership benefits.


Part of the membership perks is that each time you visit the Fabletics retail store and try on clothing, they get transferred to you online profile. So even if you do not buy the items in the store, the ones that fit perfectly are going to be waiting for you when you want to continue shopping or buy different colors or styles of the pieces that already fit. This sales process is making it easier for women to shop for active-wear and workout apparel on their terms. Since you already have worn the clothing, you are able to simply eliminate the doubt from the shopping process and just impulse buy as long as you want.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletic is rewarding their customer with other perks, from free shipping for all online orders to discounted pricing on women’s active-wear. One of the unique features of the Fabletics shopping experience is that after you fill out the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz, you are going to be assigned a personal shopper who chooses one item each month based on your answers and places it in your cart. All this pampering and ease of ordering is making it easy for these women to help Fabletics break all sorts of sales records this year.

Fabletics Takes on Reverse Show Rooming

Fabletics is one of the hottest new clothing companies around. This is a company that sells a wide assortment of athletic workout clothes for women. There is a lot of talk about this company because one of the co-founders is a celebrity. She has appeared in many movies, and she is known throughout a lot of different circles because she even has a famous mother. This celebrity is none other than Kate Hudson. She is the daughter of Goldie Hawn, and both of these actresses have had very successful careers. This plays well into the promotion of the Fabletics brand because it reaches several generations with the fan base of these two actresses. The website is what was launched first, but there are several of these stores in various cities like California and Chicago.


This company has less than 20 stores in existence right now, but it generates more than 200 million in revenue annually. The large majority of the sales come from what is sold on the website, and people are wondering exactly why Kate Hudson is choosing to branch out more. It is obvious that the overhead is far less with the online website, but Kate Hudson is using something called reverse showrooming. This is a platform in which she is using the Fabletics website to draw in customers, but she is trying to acquire more customers to come to physical brick-and-mortar stores.

This is the goal that she has for the 100 stores that she plans to open within the next five years. At one time many companies were moving away from the brick-and-mortar stores and simply selling on the internet because the cost was lower. The cost of operating this way with something that would be more beneficial to a large majority of stores that sold things like electronics or products like furniture. With a clothing store, however, where women would be trying on different clothes it was possible for a brick-and-mortar store to thrive. Kate Hudson has become well aware that over time, and she believes that her reverse showrooming will definitely pay off.


Hudson is a firm believer that this concept will lead more customers towards the stores for purchases. They become fascinated by what they can purchase online, but they also are interested in seeing a Fabletics store in their town. So many consumers like to try on different clothes before they buy.