Diversant and Principal Executive John Goullet

Talk about top IT job search facilitator in the country, Diversant Company comes to mind. In fact, it is said to be the top and major African-American private company in the IT staffing industry. Its IT staffing services are tailored to enable its clients to become business partners. Diversant Company is powered by its founder, and Principal, John Goullet, who leads the company using transformative ideas motivated by the requirements of its associates, clients, and the communities at large. He also utilizes various consultative methods enabling lasting partnerships with clients to deal with IT critical issues. John Goullet is a product of Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA and holds a Bachelor degree.

John Goullet started Info Technologies Inc. in 1994 offering IT services and solutions such as Information Technology/System project management, application development, network engineering, and a host of others to large corporations. With his vast experience and expertise, he grew his company making it worth $30 million within 5 years of operation. He was credited with his knowledge of the IT environment and ability to match the IT staff requirements of his corporate clients with competent IT professional consultants. Under his abled leadership and hard work, his company was ranked the 8th position of the top 500 rising private businesses in the country. In 2010 Info Technologies Inc. was merged with Diversant Inc. to become a certified, African-American Minority-Owned business enterprise (MBE) and a top IT staffing firm in the country. John Goullet is currently the Principal of Diversant Inc. and continues to provide new approaches to meet challenges that affect constant changes in the IT marketplace.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, John Goullet got the idea that transformed to Diversant Inc. based the “low-barriers-to-entry business” he encountered 24 years ago. Talking about from his life experience, John stated that the habit to make him a productive entrepreneur was being skeptical and took on his competitors by pushing the company forward. He said the success of his company stems from his strategic decision to hire best people to build a sales engine and empower employees through training, mentoring and coaching and John’s lacrosse camp.