Sheldon Lavin’s Success in the Food Industry

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, LLC. He is the president of OSI International Foods Limited and is the director of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. He also serves as the General Trustee of Rush University Medical Center. Mr. Sheldon Lavin has extensive knowledge in financing since he has worked in Otto and Son industry since 1970.The company later changed its name to what is currently known as OSI Group.

Through his leadership, the organization has grown huge from domestic food processing to an international food industry. The company serves more than 60 countries where it has established its processing services. In addition, the company has extended its network throughout North America, Europe, South Africa, India, Japan, Australia, and the Philippines. At the age of 81, Mr. Sheldon is not tired in working and the best in the market through OSI Group.

On 20th February 2016, Mr. Lavin was awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Visionary World Academy after his tremendous work in growing OSI Group to the world level. This Award did not come easy but through commitment and hard work that he showed in uplifting the company to become an international powerhouse. He had to build a good relationship with employees to realize the set goals of the OSI Group.

Osi Group has also received many other awards based on environment and sustainability. Under the leadership of Mr. Lavin, he has set a path for other corporates that would want to run such kind of business. He has always strived to become better and leave a mark in the organization each day. He has stood out as a role model to any local leader in any organization that is focusing to reach a world-class level in the near future.

Apart from working as the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, Mr. Lavin is a philanthropist who has involved himself with charity activities such as Ronald MacDonald House Charities, Jewish United Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund, United Negro College Fund, and Inner City Foundation among others. The greatest achievement that Mr. Sheldon Lavin has accomplished in his entire life apart from OSI Group is raising three children with his wife and giving back to the community. Mr. Sheldon Lavin is one man who always plans and is always prepared for the future. He advises young people to be focused and with Vision in their fields of work.

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A Brief Look at Norman Pattiz Career Profile

Norman Pattiz is the Executive Chairman and Founder of PodcastOne. He has over 40 years of experience in radio syndication. Norman Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One, a giant radio programming company. Under his helm, Westwood One has quickly grown to the America’s largest provider of traffic programming, news, sports, and entertainment to the broadcast industry. CBS News, Mutual Broadcasting System, March Madness, NBC Radio, The Super Bowl, and CNN Radio operated under Westwood One. It also owns and manages both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games and a variety of syndicated talk show and music.


Norman Pattiz went ahead to launch Courtside Entertainment Group, which specializes in the production and distribution of quality programming. In 2010, Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne to take advantage of plenty of opportunities in the audio-on-demand industry. Over time, PodcastOne quickly became the leading distributor of audio-on-demand programming. Some of its popular personalities and brands include Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, Adam Carolla, and Heather Dubrow.


Norman Pattiz was appointed in 2000 by President Clinton and reappointed in 2002 by President Bush to serve on the board of Broadcasters in the United States. The Board is responsible for overseeing all non-military broadcasting services in the U.S. including Radio Liberty, The Voice of America, and Middle East Broadcasting. Norman Pattiz initiated the launch of America’s Arabic language television and radio services to the Middle East. He also initiated the launch of Farsi language broadcasting in Iran, which reaches a weekly audience of over 40 million listeners.


Upon his induction into the National Radio Hall Fame, Norman Pattiz won the prestigious Giant of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. Besides his role in broadcasting, Norman Pattiz serves as the Chairman of Los Alamos National Security Laboratories and the Lawrence Livermore. He is also a member of the Pacific Council on International Relations and the Council of Foreign Relations as well as Regent of the California University. He currently lives in Beverly Hills with his wife, Dr. Mary Turner Pattiz. Norman Pattiz was introduced to broadcasting by Kit Gray shortly after leaving Westwood One. Norman Pattiz brings ideas to life through implementation. Whenever Norman Pattiz hears a great idea, he assesses its capacity for implementation. Norman Pattiz has received several professional and civic awards for his excellence in the broadcasting industry. His awards include several Broadcaster of the Year Awards, The Freedom of Speech Award, and Distinguished Education Service Award. Learn more:


Omar Yunes Sets a Trending Pace for Business

The story of Omar Yunes is an appropriate illustration of the possibilities of investing in business at an early age. Omar Yunes recently won the best franchisee of the world award in an event that was held in France. Receiving the award, Omar said that he was elated to be the core representative of a hard-working team that is tasked with service delivery in the hotel industry. Omar was awarded for his tremendous, significant contribution to the industry. Having worked tirelessly to offer clients the best, he deserved the award.


The Award

Best franchisee award is a special award given to a service provider who has exuded excellent service delivery and customer care. What makes this award special is the fact that it sums up to feedback from clients. Franchise award is often given to best improved, best service provider, best customer care deliverer. It explains the quality of service that an organization offers to clients. The 2015 best franchisee award hosted some of the most prominent personalities in the industry of hospitality. Representing 34 countries, the award included Hungary, Mexico, Argentina as well as France and Italy and more information click here.



The evaluation of best franchisee was based on its effects and impacts on the hospitality industry and not the brand. This means that the determining factor is how aggressive the brand impacted on the network. Other factors include its contributions regarding knowledge as well as the savings implemented and motivation towards employees. For Omar Yunes to bag this award, it shows that he is good at multiple tasks. This boils down to his efforts in contributing to the hospitality industry and what Omar Yunes knows.



In the words of Diego Elizarrarras who is in charge of organizing the event, Omar bagged the award because his franchise has been the main connection between other franchises. From developing strong relationships for business to establishing a better platform for management, Omar Yunes has implemented control boards utilized in developing clearer measures for every department and Omar Yunes’s Website.



Omar Yunes is a successful entrepreneur whose journey is inspirational to many. His commitment and determination to achieve the best in business models better places him as a mentor as well as a role model for prospective entrepreneurs and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

Securus Technologies Highly Appreciated Technology Firm in Correctional Industry

Securus Technologies for long has been one of the premier inmate communications companies, and rightly so. It started its operations in the year 1986 and since then has developed numerous products and services for the correctional space. The investigative technology and services offered by Securus Technologies are being used by the law enforcement officers today and has over the years, contributed to saving lives of hundreds and thousands of people. The investigative technology and crime prevention tools and services offered by Securus Technologies has proved to be very helpful in safeguarding the lives of the people and the law enforcement officers and also build a safer community.


In the field of inmate communications as well, Securus Technologies has made breakthrough innovations and developed technologies that didn’t exist before. The company has made it easier for the inmates to stay in contact with their loved ones outside. The video visitation service that Securus Technologies recently launched would make it easier for the inmates and their loved ones to not only talk but also see each other.


It is a beneficial service that would help the families of the inmates to save money and offload the burden of traveling all the way to the prison to see the inmate as video talk would make it possible with ease. Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, believes that technology has tremendous potential to transform the inmate communication sector and the company is working hard to determine ways to advance the industry further through it.


Investigative technologies offered by Securus Technologies are also widely appreciated and used by the law enforcement officers, and they keep sending letters of appreciation to the company. Many of such messages were recently published by the company to showcase to the world the contribution of Securus Technologies to the correctional space.


Is Desiree Perez Behind The Success of ROC Nation?

Women in leadership in the entertainment industry are increasingly growing and it’s hard not to mention Desiree Perez, the executive producer at ROC Nation. As much as competition has become stiffer, she still has made it to the top and has stayed relevant over the years. She has been able to climb up the ladder due to her vast skills.

Desiree has been able to be a significant contributor to Shawn Carter’s (Jay-Z) success. With her help, he has been able to transform from just being a rapper to a businessman. Her management skills have been so apparent as much as she is behind the scenes and follow her Twitter.

In 2014, she was in charge of the On the Run Tour for Beyonce and Jay-Z. Given her negotiation skills, she was the one behind Rihanna’s Samsung deal. Perez was also the one who arranged Beyonce’s Formation World Tour in 2016 and more information click here.

Being in charge of ROC Nation has been a journey for Perez, and she has not disappointed. She has been a critical person when it comes to negotiations of deals. Dez Perez has been able to work on maximizing the company’s profits as well as its expansion.

Perez has always been on the frontline of ensuring that they sign in more clients. The company is involved in a lot of activities ranging from music production, talent development and so on. She has not disappointed as she’s always up and about making sure that she delivers and learn more about Dez Perez.

The company has grown tremendously, and it’s evident that Jay-Z values her input as she has worked there since 2009. She was even in the recent negotiation table of Live Nation where they agreed to extend the already existing contract for another ten years. It’s no doubt that she’s an influential person in the company

Regardless of how tough the entertainment industry is, Perez has been able to find her way to the top. Her hard work and determination have helped the company’s success path and Dez Perez’s lacrosse camp.

Inspiring Musical Journey of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a popular Brazilian business man who is also passionate about music. Cassio was a real fan of rock music before kicking his own musical career. With his love for music, in 1985 Cassio and his friends Felipe Machado, Pet Passarell, Machado Andre and Yves Passarell formed the Viper Rock Music Band. The team experienced tremendous improvements in their music career through cooperation. They were mainly inspired by British heavy metal and Iron Maiden. Cassio Audi usually was busy with the band’s daily activities.

Through the band, Cassio was able to work on his dream as the drummer of Viper Rock Music Band. Other than drumming, Cassio also contributed in marketing and composing songs. He worked hard to see the band receive airplay. They attended different shows where they delivered amazing performances. The friends hit the market with hits like Kilera, Princess from Hell and Nightmare among others and Cassio Audi’s lacrosse camp.

With the acknowledgement from fans, they decided to extend their music outside Brazil. They performed in Europe and throughout America. In 1987, with the help of Cassio’s composure talent, they released Soldiers of Sunset, their first album. Allmusic awarded the album with a four-star. Soldiers of Sunset gave Viper Band a broader awareness as a unique group because they also sang in English unlike other Brazilian bands. In 1989,they released their second album, Theater of Fate, which branded Cassio as an astute lyricist and an incredible composer and more information click here.

After launching the Theater of Fate album, Cassio Audi joined Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo earning a business administration degree. Later, Cassio graduated from University of Sao Paulo with an MBA. With his inspiring musical journey, Cassio is famous and respected in the game. He was exclusively into music before entering the business world. He still uses his creative ideas he applied in music to run business and learn more about Cassio Audi.

Walmart and Purina Beneful, a Wonderful Partnership

Beneful by Purina is a wonderful brand of dog food that blends wholesome ingredients with the best in protein and vegetables. Dog owners who use Beneful absolutely love it because although it has these healthy ingredients, it is still very modestly priced and read full article.

There are a variety of Beneful dog food brands that have real meat as the first ingredient. Among these include dry food with beef or chicken as the first ingredient. Walmart also sells Beneful’s healthy weight wet food with real salmon as one of the top ingredients.

In true Walmart fashion, the store honors most coupons for Beneful, including ones released by Purina as well as ones they release externally as part of special promotions. This includes their famous rollback discounts that vary in timing and rollback amount, keeping shopping for discounts exciting and evolving. Walmart also launched a new 2 day delivery service that can be used on many orders of Beneful dog food and Website its.

Oncotarget Offers Insight on Cancer and Modern Treatment

Currently, scientific research offers a platform for fighting diseases. With the onset of scientific research in finding treatment solutions, scientists have joined researchers in the fight against some of the highest ranking life threatening infections and abnormalities in the human body. Offering a myriad of chances to battle these abnormalities, science has become the in thing in most parts of the world. Policy makers have also joined in the fight against diseases. With cancer as one of these diseases, research departments continue to invest in modern ways that can be used to find treatment. One such platform that has played a significant role in finding treatment for cancer and other life threatening diseases is Oncotarget and learn more about Oncotarget.



Oncotarget, a multidisciplinary journal, seeks to disseminate critical information on the existence of diseases and the available treatment methods as well as therapies. Committed to sharing such information with the society, Oncotarget worked tirelessly to give detailed information on cancer and its effects to the body. With the global drive geared towards finding treatment, governments, institutions as well as organizations have gained the healing momentum that comes with research. The research-based strategies offer a multifaceted adoption of advanced treatment options. Being a leading peer-reviewed journal, Oncotarget is on a quest to bridge the gap between current knowledge, disease and its Linkedin.



Oncotarget has made tremendous efforts in the global fight against diseases. By gaining significant strides on the fight against cancer, the society has received new revolutionary preventive measures that can protect masses from the ever-multiplying disease. Researchers have received serendipitous discoveries towards cancer treatment. Presently, Oncotarget is on high demand to the point of releasing two publishing in a week. The main objective of the journal publishing is ensuring that critical information has been released to the world. Using science and research findings to pen down this information, Oncotarget is led by prominent scientists with one of them being Mikhail Blagosklonny, a researcher and oncologist. The rising popularity of Oncotarget stems from its insightful, punctual as well as constructive features. The journal commits to assisting authors in increasing their knowledge on research and findings. For Oncotarget, the society must be empowered by all means and more information click here.

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Impressionable facts about Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is one of the most profoundly sought plastic surgeons in Texas and many parts of the United States. She has been conducting plastic surgery for a long period and performed incredible procedures to people to change their looks. Jennifer is approved by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has majored in cosmetic surgery. The successful cosmetic surgeon has a vast experience in the field and has acquired a lot of knowledge from the various health organizations that she has been working in, for the past years. Jennifer is also highly dedicated to giving her clients the best services to provide them with a great look depending on their preferences.

Besides, Dr. Jennifer Walden is also always keen when it comes to performing her procedures and does not conduct risky procedures that she believes might put her client’s life in danger. Instead, she offers great advice to her customers and advises them on the advantages of procuring safe procedures that will not endanger them. Jennifer’s guidance plays a significant role in the lives of her clients as it enables them to make informed decisions on the best procedures to partake to achieve the most natural results and more information click here.

In addition to that, safety is among the major concerns of Jennifer when it comes to the surgical room. She is always keen to conduct her operations in a clean environment that does not expose her clients to risks associated with dirt. She also encourages her customers to observe high levels of hygiene to avoid contamination of the treated areas, which may lead to more adverse effects if affected by germs. Jennifer`s skills in performing facial lifts as well as breast augmentations have seen her attract a large number of customers in the states and her expertise has been highly amended by a vast number of individuals and learn more about Dr. Jennifer Walden.

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Fabletics Makes the Workout Process Fun Again

Fabletics is a very interesting company that has managed to captivate many people that are interested in a line of athletic clothing for women. There are definitely a lot of people that are going to be impressed with what Fabletics brings to the table. This is an interesting company that has managed to create a diverse line of clothing for a wide range of individuals. People that are impressed with the clothing that is presented by Fabletics need look no further than the website to sign up for VIP membership.


This is where many people have taken to this brand and developed a liking for the clothes that make working out much more pleasurable. Kate Hudson is someone that is actually wearing the clothes that she id promoting so she knows better than anyone just how comfortable these garments are.


Consumers that are looking for activewear will be impressed with the line that Kate Hudson had a hand in developing. There are also swimsuits and halter tops that are here to give women the ultimate comfort when they are working out. Kate Hudson has also helped with bringing sports bras that turn into swimsuit tops to her consumer base as well. She has continued to work on providing comfort at a low cost when it comes to her line of athletic clothing.


She is definitely giving consumers a lot to think about when it comes to building a better brand. People are definitely singing her praises now that she has become the leader for Fabletics.


This is definitely one of the most exciting brands around. People are talking about Kate Hudson all of the changes that she has made an outlet clothing for women. She has brought in athleisurewear, and this has become the thing that has made her a star in her own right in the clothing industry. This is comfortable athletic clothing that people can also run their errands in. Hudson may not be the first to introduce this brand to the public, but she has definitely gained maximum exposure for her ability to promote this type of clothing. People are lining up and praising her for the work there she is doing when it comes to athletic clothing that makes it so much easier to work out. People that may not have been having fun with working out before are certainly having a good time exercising now.