Jason Halpern: A Brilliant Entrepreneur with a Remarkable Real Estate Career

Jason Halpern is a successful entrepreneur, businessman and prominent real estate developer with more than 20 years experience in the industry. He is the Managing Director and founder of JMH Development, a real estate firm that specializes in development of commercial and residential property in the U.S and beyond. Through innovative tactics, JMH has strategically put up exceptional property in classy markets such as Miami Beach, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Jason has a long history in real estate as his family has been in the industry for more than 50 years. thee family owned a third generation construction company that put up several residential property in Westchester and New York.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Halpern is focused, inventive and passionate about his career. Under his management, JMH Development has grown tremendously to become a global leader in real estate. Since 2007, the company has completed development projects amounting to more than $ 500 Million. He credits this success to a professional team that is hard working and committed to delivering the best results. Jason has a creative mind and is always inventing new construction designs as well as delivering high-quality property. He did an outstanding job of restoring historic structures such as 184 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn and Aloft South Beach in Miami.

Jason’s Family


Halpern is a generous philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community. He has supported numerous charitable organizations through massive donations and participating in community events. Jason supports Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, a medical facility that offers critical services such as open heart surgery, neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery among others. Jason also supports international charity organizations such as the Relief Society of Tigray to provide safe and clean water to those in need.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

With excellent management, leadership and interpersonal skills, Jason Halpern is irrefutably an icon in the real estate industry. He has also touched many people’s lives through several charitable causes.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: CEO of Bradesco

The chief executive of Bradesco is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Bradesco is one of the largest growing financial companies in Brazil. Bradesco was once considered the largest bank in Brazil, but then this label was taken after the emergence and interference of their rival banks named Banco Itau and Unibanco, in the year of 2009.

Despite being this downfall, the chief executive of this bank did everything to regain its reputation and to become the stable bank of the country again.

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Marilia is the birthplace of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, were Bradesco was formulated, studied from the University of Sao Paolo at the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences, and letters. He started his career by working in the bank immediately after graduating from university. He worked day and night tirelessly to get a promotion, and he did get raised in really short time because of his constant determination and soon was promoted to the position of President. During his initial year as President, he used all the strategies and all the experience he gained during his time in the bank at all appointments and had better knowledge about how to make the bank more successful and what troubles bank is facing and how can they overcome it. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi cared about the head of every department and gave them freedom so that they can perform in a better way. However, he always took advice from the executives and ask them about their plan of action to make this bank perform well and grow worldwide. He also encouraged the talent of youth and thus recruited a lot of new talented graduates.

He also bought the Brazilian branch of HSBC for around $5.2 billion, and it was considered one of the riskiest business decisions he ever took. The chairman of Bradesco approved this deal and trusted Cappi that he would take only those decisions that will benefit bank and its reputation. As they got hold of the Brazilian branch of HSBC, the company did regain its reputation and started to grow rapidly, and because of this effort he was given the award of “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

With the remarkable performance in the history of Bradesco, they also believed that they would easily overcome their rival banks too in short time. The talented mind of Luiz Carlos Cappi could change the shape of financial industry of Brazil, and once again Bradesco will gain its reputation and fame back.

Nathaniel Ru and the Sweetgreen Way

Nathaniel Ru was attending Georgetown University when he and two fellow students stumbled upon the idea for Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen, as many know by now, is a farm to table restaurant that focuses on green, healthy, and food-aware salads. Ru and his team tapped into the growing market for more ‘edible’ fast food and since then Sweetgreen has exploded into a success all over the Northeast. In fact, there are more than 21 locations dotting major cities like Boston and Philadelphia. What makes this story most impressive is that it almost didn’t happen, and by all accounts Sweetgreen probably shouldn’t have gotten off of the ground.


Sweetgreen was co-founded by three different individuals. All students who had taken the same entrepreneurship class together. Upon graduating they immediately set out to put their idea into motion and see if they could make it a reality. After scouting the perfect location, an old 560 sq/ft tavern, Ru reached out to the landlord to inquire about the space. He was promptly hung up on. Apparently an all green salad restaurant wasn’t exactly what the landlord felt comfortable leasing out for. Still, Ru and his team kept reaching out and eventually scored a sit down session.


Nathaniel Ru recalls, “That was the first and last time I wore a suit to a business meeting.” Ru and his team impressed the landlord with their business plans, their preparation, and their passion for the project. Soon the space was leased and within a month Ru and the Sweetgreen team would have landed major backers as well as an architect. Ru says, “We would never be able to do it that way again. The timing was just right.” And, of course, Ru is correct. Sweetgreen probably wouldn’t have gotten the start that they did at any other point in time. But they did, and success soon followed.


The team at Sweetgreen have made their restaurant more than just a place to get food. They’ve turned their business into an enterprise with values and ambition. Sweetgreen is all about ‘why’ rather than ‘what’ and that clearly shows through in their work. Now Sweetgreen is as much a brand as it is a place to eat. There is a musical concert every year called “Sweetlife” that sees nearly 20,000 people roll through town to partake in it. Nathaniel Ru stresses that they want to be a part of the community, not just a piece of it.

Top Healthcare Strategies of Life Line Screening Improves Health in Men

Life Line Screening offers preventive care services that serve as an evaluation and inspection key for the systems in the body. A majority of deaths that occur nowadays are due to chronic diseases which can easily be prevented. Death and diseases are inevitable, but with the help of modern medicine today, we are equipped with new knowledge and tools that can help prevent the health issues that we currently face. Below are tips and strategies used by Life Line Screening that can contribute to improving the health in men and more information click here.

Reducing Chronic Stress

Consistent stress increases the cortisol level of an individual. As a result, this hormone will weaken a person’s immune system, affect their critical thinking as well as reduce energy levels. Stress levels can be decreased by meditation, enjoying music, relaxation in hot tubs, and participating in the social gathering. Furthermore, individuals can use supplements providing zinc, magnesium, niacin and Ashwagandha.

Training Sessions

Consistent workouts such as swimming and running can play a major role in the improvement of men’s cardiovascular health. As a result, these training sessions help increase the flow of blood to various body parts and help augment oxygen levels in the blood. Also, consistent exercise has notably been used as a tool to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

Monitor Thyroid Gland condition

People who experience weight gain or chronic fatigue can request for screening that can calculate the thyroxine level in the blood. The screening can also be used to evaluate the active hormone triiodothyronine which is consistently generated by the thyroid. Maintenance of the thyroid gland functionality can be achieved by utilizing supplements that have tyrosine, magnesium, green tea extracts, and cyanocobalamin and learn more about Life Line Screening.

About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a community based leading provider of preventive health care screenings. Life Line Screening offers a variety of tests that can help identify early the risk of health issues which can be prevented. Ultrasounds, blood and vascular tests are some of the effective preventive health care measures that detect early health problems signs.

The screenings done by the company are non-invasive, quick, safe and painless performed by well-trained technicians. After the screening, results are shared with the patient and physician. As a result, lifestyle changes can be applied before the occurrence of major health problems.

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Roberto Santiago Positive News Article

Manaira Shopping Mall- One of the Best Investments By Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a man of many hats. He is considered to be one of the best bloggers, when it comes to writing about Brazil. Other than blogging, he is a professional script writer and video producer. But, that is not all; he is also a very successful entrepreneur with a passion for the real estate industry. Most people, who know him, know him because of his Manaira Shopping Mall. This mall is one of the best attractions in Joao Pessoa. It is considered to be the largest mall in Paraiba, occupying over 92,000 sq. meters of land and with a visit rate of more than 1.6 million people per month.

One of the biggest attractions in this mall is the stores. There are a wide variety of stores that can be accessed through the company’s website. The stores range from fashion stalls, furniture stores, electronic stores, sports supplies, hardware, gift shops and household items stores and so on. This means that you will find everything you need at the mall. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

The Manaira Shopping Mall isn’t just a place to do your shopping. It holds so much more for the locals and foreigners that visit it. It is a place where you come and relax to unwind. I can suggest tons of activities that you can participate in when you are at the mall.

First, you can catch the latest movie in one of their 3D cinema rooms. You will certainly love the experience, taking in every minute of the movie through 3D screens. Also, you don’t have to worry about other people hindering your view as the cinema rooms have a stadium-style sitting arrangement. And, to heighten your experience, you can always get some snacks from the onsite bar area.

If you are not for the idea of catching a movie, you can pass time by playing some of your favorite games at the play room. The play area is spacious enough and accommodates around 200 gaming machines. But again if you are not sold on this idea, you can always check the Domus Hall. You might be lucky to find an ongoing theatrical, arts or cultural performance.

About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a 59 year old businessman born in Paraiba. He holds a Business Management Degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He is also an alumnus of the reputable Pio X-Marist College. Read more articles on exame.abril.com

Roberto Santiago has worked really hard to get to where he is today. But, his brilliance and vision has gotten him where he is today. He had to work at a small cafeteria, in Santa Rosa, to get the business management skills that he applies today.

Will Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Be Able to Catch Amazon?

Amazon leads the way in sales numbers in a number of very popular markets. As far as sales in the online apparel niche, Amazon is comfortably taking in over 20 percent of all the sales, while the other thousand retailers fight over the rest. It appears that one company is no longer satisfied with just fighting for those scraps, as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has jumped to the forefront with record sales of $250 million in the same niche. Amazon may have enjoyed that giant lead for a long time, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is poised to close that gap significantly.


To hear Hudson discuss how her athleisure brand has become so popular, she only credits the entire success to reverse showrooming and membership perks. Let’s take a look at how these two processes actually work in real-time. We stop by the Fabletics store in the mall and see women of every age trying on everything from leggings, tank tops, to yoga pants without any pressure from associates to buy. These same customers may be window-shopping on their breaks, or they could be simply taking the Lifestyle Quiz to unlock more membership benefits.


Part of the membership perks is that each time you visit the Fabletics retail store and try on clothing, they get transferred to you online profile. So even if you do not buy the items in the store, the ones that fit perfectly are going to be waiting for you when you want to continue shopping or buy different colors or styles of the pieces that already fit. This sales process is making it easier for women to shop for active-wear and workout apparel on their terms. Since you already have worn the clothing, you are able to simply eliminate the doubt from the shopping process and just impulse buy as long as you want.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletic is rewarding their customer with other perks, from free shipping for all online orders to discounted pricing on women’s active-wear. One of the unique features of the Fabletics shopping experience is that after you fill out the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz, you are going to be assigned a personal shopper who chooses one item each month based on your answers and places it in your cart. All this pampering and ease of ordering is making it easy for these women to help Fabletics break all sorts of sales records this year.

Eric Lefkofsky Establishes a Data Management Firm to Fight Against Cancer

The name Eric Lefkofsky is affiliated with Groupon, his multi-billion dollar firm. However, the tech investor is also making a name for himself in philanthropy through donations to cancer initiatives. Over the years, he has donated millions of dollars towards cancer research. Recently, the IT-guru decided to take a new approach to fighting cancer through founding a start-up aimed at using a smarter approach towards the disease. His new company is known as Tempus.

After resigning as the CEO of Groupon, the entrepreneur has been spending most of his time at Tempus. The startup is running quietly from Lightbank. Lightbank is an early state VC company. Lefkofsky is Tempus’ president. Although it is not clear what the entrepreneur’s day-to-day activities at the firm entail, it is believed that he works with a team of experts to build Tempus’ platform.

The startup focuses on helping doctors and healthcare professionals to make smarter decisions. The platform achieves this objectives by providing the professionals with personalized and real-time data. The data-driven decision making process makes use of a patient’s genetic code in molecular therapies’ context. Such information helps in improving the medical professional’s understanding of a patient case and learn more about Eric.

Eric understands that the quantity of data determines its effectiveness. To this end, he is working with breast, pancreatic, and lung cancer patients to generate more data for the Tempus system. He is also working closely with medical professionals to supplement his efforts. He believes that this platform will play an integral role in ensuring that patients receive the right treatment from any medical facility and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

According to the entrepreneur, as more data is added to the system, the results provided by the system will be more accurate and without biases. Lefkofsky is confident that the availability of the right information will ensure that patients can be treated with proper drugs, thus eliminating cases of drug resistance and more information click here.

Eric Lefkofsky is a tech investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is credited for founding several companies such as Mediaocean, Uptake, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings. Lefkofsky is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he pursued his degree in law. The information technology expert loves connecting with his fans through his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

What Is A Cleansing Conditioner And What Is It Used For?

There’s a little confusion surrounding just what a cleansing conditioner is and why it has all this hype recently. The truth of the matter is, many people tend to write off cleansing conditioners as being the same as any other 2-in-1 shampoo, but that’s simply not the case. Cleansing conditioners, such as the one through WEN by Chaz, are new hybrids to the world of hair care and are redefining the way thousands of people are cleaning their hair every day. They are 5-in-1 solutions to hair cleansing with many benefits, including helping to reverse damage to dyed or heat damaged hair.

Unlike regular 2-in-1 shampoos, cleansing conditioners do not have any abrasive sulfates and they do not have harsh detergents that most store bought, low cost shampoos and shampoo/conditioner combinations do. Instead they have very mild cleansing agents that only prove to improve your hair, including not stripping your hair’s natural oils, even when used every day, though most people choose to not use them as replacements, but instead as supplements to use only once or twice per week to give their hair that added boost. Others use them most of the week and use regular shampoos and conditioners for only a few days per week – it really depends on the individual and their preference, not to mention what they are hoping to achieve through the use of their cleansing conditioner. Try experimenting with yours to see what combination works best for you.

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WEN hair care is an excellent choice for those just stepping into the world of cleansing conditioners. They offer a combination of hair care products that work well together or individually. You can use their cleansing conditioner in three easy steps and it can be followed up by complementary products also offered through WEN by Chaz and only improve the look you’re going for, no matter what hair type you’re working with. Once you’ve worked through the three steps for your cleansing conditioner, you can go on to use the WEN Nourishing Mousse, followed up by the WEN Anti-frizz Styling Creme, and completed with the WEN Re-moist Intensive Hair Treatment.

You can buy WEN products on qvc.com

Anthony Petrello – Leading Personality in Oil Drilling Sector

There are many oil and drilling contractors around the world, but one of the pioneers in the industry is Nabors Industries Inc. The company is headed by Anthony Petrello, who serves as the CEO of the company and is also the President as well as Chairman of the board of directors at the Nabors Exchangeco Canada Inc. Anthony Petrello is a highly qualified individual and has studied at Yale University, completing B.S. as well as M.S. degrees in Mathematics and has also completed Juris Doctor Degree from Harvard Law School.

Anthony Petrello is one of the most distinguished personalities in the oil drilling sectors and has helped Nabors Industries Inc to become one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, with operations in countries such as the United States, and parts of the Middle East and Africa. As Anthony Petrello has tremendous experience in the oil drilling and marine industry, he can make strategic decisions that are helpful for the company. He also helps in devising company’s internal policies that would strengthen and organize firm’s work culture and learn more about Anthony.

Under his leadership, Nabors Industries Inc. has grown to be the largest land-based drilling rig fleet in the world. Nabors Industries offer a broad range of services today, which includes innovative technologies, drilling software and technology, directional drilling, drilling performance tools and equipment supply and maintenance, advanced drilling automation capabilities, specialty rig, and range of other innovative techniques in the oil and gas drilling sector and more information click here.

Anthony Petrello has an association with many different enterprises, including Hilcorp Energy Company, where he is one of the directors on the management board. He is also on the boards of directors at Stewart and Stevenson LLC. Over the years, Anthony Petrello has managed to gain valuable experience in the industry that he implements in the business development and investors relations strategy and follow his twitter.

It helps the firm to gain new clients as well as expand its operational territory in many different countries. Anthony Petrello is attached to many social and welfare organizations and makes it a priority to give back to the community. Anthony Petrello is associated with Texas Children’s Hospital as well and holds the position of a director at the hospital.

The Support that George Soros offers to Communities across the Globe

George Soros is a wealthy investor who is based in the United States. He is also interested in politics and believes that governments should not oppress their citizens. Soros has been taking part in various charity activities, and he has offered more than $12 billion through his philanthropy programs. George is also recognized for his unique finance expertise and has been supporting entrepreneurs in developing working capital for their businesses. He is also devoted to helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds to access the quality educations. In 1979, he empowered the South African youths through education by sponsoring a fund that enabled them to study abroad. The philanthropist wanted them to develop the power to liberate their country.

Soros was born and raised in Hungary at a time that the county lacked enough resources to fulfill the needs of its population. This problem made the native people of Hungary establish the Nazi Occupation, which was a movement that was devoted to eliminating the Jews who were living in the country. They oppressed the Jewish community in every way, and it was even hard for a Jew to establish a business in Hungary. People were afraid of the Nazi Occupation due to the great instability that it caused in the country. George Soros worked hard to protect his family from succumbing to the harsh transition. He created forged Hungarian identities for them to survive. Know more on investopedia.com about George Soros.

The business mogul served a Hungarian government institution for three years after completing his high school education. He later got an opportunity to move to the United Kingdom, and this changed his life. Soros settled in London and was an attendant at a local railway station. The job assisted him in getting money to enroll in the London School of Business. He studied hard when he was at the institution and graduated with the highest honor. After completing his higher education, he was offered a job by a local firm but did not take it. The businessman was devoted to making a significant income, and he strived to get an opportunity to relocate to the United States. He later settled in New York and served as a hedge fund manager at a local hedge fund company. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

According to Gorge Soros, countries should put in place remarkable policies that advocate for transparent governance. He started the Open Society Foundations, which he has been using to express his ideologies. The organization strived to ensure that governments offer people freedom of speech, justice, and are accountable. George has also been ensuring that the disadvantaged people are empowered in various ways. The philanthropist is recognized for his tremendous support to the Democratic Party. He offered significant resources to support the campaigns of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Know more: https://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros