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When to use Wen – from a fine haired girl’s perspective

This article is a recap of a Article about Wen by Chaz. Written by Emily McClure, she walks us through a week of her experience using WEN Hair Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. Full Article:

Wen was created by Chaz Dean, a passionate man who created a company and line after moving to Los Angeles. Once Dean decided to move his salon to an upscale spot in Hollywood, he gained celebrity clientele to further validate the satisfying results his products created.

Emily McClure prefaces her experience of experimenting with Wen Hair Products with explaining that her hair is short, fine, and frequently greasy when she wakes up. Her review validates the shiny look Wen Products provide as she walks us through directions on how to use the product and how the product combats daily strain on hair.

The Wen Products suggest a minimum of 10 pumps and maximum of 32 pumps contingent on length of hair. While McClue opts for the minimum amount, she is equally satisfied as no loose strands of her hair had fell out during the soak and rinse of the product.

Upon styling of McClure’s hair, her hair was noticeably voluminous and shiny. As she had ended the week with drinks her friends had noticed a difference in her hair enough to give her compliments. While McClure styled her hair throughout the week, she noticed her hair was softer to the touch. As she broke into the routine of showering and styling with Wen Hair Products in the morning to get ready for the day, she concluded that the early bird gets the worm as this cleansing conditioner proved to bring noticeably voluminous, softer, and shinier hair for the day.

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